“I’m hoping for Casey to be
a safe, family oriented place with lots of amazing schools, parks, recreational and fun activities.”

Female, 29-38, Casey Next.

“A place where everyone’s
connected and there is
something for everyone.”

Female, under 18, Casey Next.

All services and facilities that Council provides, funds and coordinates will be safe and inclusive for all Casey community members.


Strategic Indicators

2.1 Enhance the health and wellbeing of all residents.

Increase in the community’s overall wellbeing score.

2.2 Build neighbourhoods that are safe and foster community connection.

Improvement in Casey’s safety score.

  Reduction in crime statistics.

2.3 Create community partnerships and support other agencies in the delivery of high quality local services.

Increase in the number of community groups and community service organisations supported by Council that meet identified community needs.

Establishment of art gallery, function centre and performance arts centre at Bunjil Place.

2.4 Encourage residents to be active and engaged in their community.

Increase in the number of people volunteering
in Casey programs.

Increase in the level of participation at
Council sport and leisure facilities.

2.5 Ensure all Council services are accessible.

Increase in the number of communications channels used to promote services.

Increase in the number of Council facilities that meet Australian Disability Access Standards.

2.6 Advocate on behalf of the community to State and Federal Governments, statutory authorities and other sectors for personnel, infrastructure and services to deliver a safe community.

Improvement in Casey’s safety score.

Community Satisfaction Survey results for ‘lobbying on behalf of community’.

Level of funding and/or infrastructure delivered that aligns to advocacy campaigns.

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