A message from the Mayor & CEO

The City of Casey has an exciting future.

As one of the fastest growing regions in Australia, our story is one of growth, transformation and innovation.

With state-of-the-art infrastructure, an abundance of parks and leisure facilities, new art spaces, a diverse and welcoming community and a strong focus of delivering what our residents want, the City of Casey is a popular place to be.

With 313,000 residents, and an expected population of 514,800 by 2041, the Council Plan 2017-21 outlines how we will work to ensure the future liveability of the City of Casey. By reporting straight to the community during this participative process we will keep our community involved in our progression.

Importantly, feedback from our residents, businesses and visitors has shaped the Plan to ensure we deliever on what is most important to our community.

My fellow Councillors and I look forward to delivering on these priorities and the vision of “Creating Australia’s most liveable city”.

The Council Plan 2017-21 is an ambitious plan that will ensure a bright future for the City of Casey.

Through Casey Next, Council’s biggest ever community engagement program, residents, businesses and visitors told us what their vision and priorities are for the future of Casey.

In fact, it is estimated that 480,000 people were reached and more than 3,600 people provided valuable feedback to ensure Council is better informed about the community’s priorities, their expectations of Council and what their idea for Casey’s future are.

In addition to the feedback provided by the community, our 11 Councillors shared their vision and agreed on the priorities that will help shape the future of the City of Casey. Our strategic objectives will be reported on every quarter to ensure the community will be kept up to date with the progress they have helped shape.

The plan is the result of a partnership between Council and the community. It would not be as robust, meaningful and effective without community input, and would not be as visionary and ambitious with the passion, foresight and dedication of Councillors.

This Plan guides the work of Council over the next four years and we are ready to get started.