“There should be more parks, playgrounds, outdoor gyms etc. to encourage people to socialise more and live a healthy life.”

Female, 29-38, Casey Next.

“Creative. Activities supporting the arts, culture, galleries and theatres.”

49-58, Male, Casey Next.

The City of Casey is already a destination, particularly for sports and leisure, with many high-quality facilities that are loved by residents and visitors to Casey. Council will continue to focus on enhancing and growing these facilities and opportunities, as well as facilitating and supporting events and programs that bring communities together.

Our 2021 Community Outcomes
StrategiesStrategic Indicators
4.1 We deliver opportunities for visitors and residents to come together by hosting significant sporting events• Attraction of sporting events of regional, state and national significance
4.2 Bunjil Place is seen as a destination of regional and state significance for the arts that brings visitors and residents together• Attraction of events of regional, state, national and international significance held at Bunjil Place
4.3 Our community has strong participation in arts, cultural events, sport and leisure programs and events across the municipality• The facilities and programs which we provide deliver opportunities for community participation in arts, cultural events, sport and leisure
Our 2018-2019 Actions Due Date
4.1.2 Identify sporting events to bring to the City of Casey by developing a Sporting Events Attraction Strategy30 Jun 2019
4.2.2 Deliver a full and diverse program of arts and community events at Bunjil Place30 Jun 2019
4.2.3 Use a mix of communications channels, including social media, to maximise the reach of Bunjil Place event information30 Jun 2019
4.3.2 Improve physical activity and sports participation of women and girls by delivering the “We Are, We Can, We Will” initiative30 Jun 2019
4.3.3 Develop a process to measure the participation rates in arts, sport and leisure30 Jun 2019

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