“Along with a growing economy, a city that is keeping its natural beauty with parks, trees, wild grass lands, and open fields. These are the uniqueness of Casey compared to other cities in Melbourne.”

Male, 39-48, Casey Next.

“Imagine country life meets artsy creative suburbs!”

Female, 29-38, Casey Next.

Casey’s ‘city living, country feel’ is important to community members. As Casey rapidly grows and changes it is important that its green and natural spaces are protected and enhanced, and that all environments, natural, urban, industrial or commercial, are clean and healthy.

Our 2021 Community Outcomes
StrategiesStrategic Indicators
5.1 We work with State and Federal Governments for decisions that balance the environment, the economy and population growth to deliver the best outcomes for Casey• Employment Land Capacity statement is used to inform planning decisions
5.2 We proactively plan and deliver green infrastructure in-line with population growth and development• A diverse, healthy and resilient urban forest
• Residents have access to high quality nature reserves
5.3 Our community actively appreciates and participates in the protection and enhancement of Casey’s natural and cultural environment• Level of local community participation in biodiversity and sustainability services and programs
Our 2018-2019 Actions Due Date
5.1.2 Carry out an employment land capacity study, to determine the level of employment land required in the region to meet the current and future needs of the local community
30 Jun 2019
5.1.3 Develop a community facilities plan in line with our integrated service planning model to determine infrastructure needs
30 Jun 2019
5.2.3 Apply for State and Federal Government funding to assist with the physical delivery of community infrastructure30 Jun 2019
5.3.2 Engage the community on resource recovery technology for household waste as an alternative to landfill disposal30 Jun 2019
5.3.3 Facilitate participation in the protection and enhancement of Casey’s natural, cultural and historic assets through the delivery of the environment and heritage programs30 Jun 2019

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