“Along with a growing economy, a city that is keeping its natural beauty with parks, trees, wild grass lands, and open fields. These are the uniqueness of Casey compared to other cities in Melbourne.”

Male, 39-48, Casey Next.

“Imagine country life meets artsy creative suburbs!”

Female, 29-38, Casey Next.

Casey’s ‘city living, country feel’ is important to community members. As Casey rapidly grows and changes it is important that its green and natural spaces are protected and enhanced, and that all environments, natural, urban, industrial or commercial, are clean and healthy.


Strategic Indicators

5.1 Plan for future growth areas and existing communities while respecting
and maintaining our heritage.

Demonstrated improvement in planning proposals in urban areas as a result
of Council’s negotiation with developers.

Demonstrated improvement in outcomes for a new community as a result of Council’s advocacy in growth area planning by the Victorian Planning Authority.

Protection of heritage values through planning processes.

Demonstrated responsiveness to Councillor-initiated planning related actions.

Increase in area of open space secured through planning processes.

5.2 Plan and facilitate for the growth of the Casey CBD in Narre Warren and the development of Cranbourne Town Centre, and support thriving local activity centres.

Increase in the level of business activity to the Narre Warren
and Cranbourne Town Centres.

The amount of private and public capital works invested in Narre Warren
and Cranbourne Town Centres.

5.3 Develop awareness and encourage involvement of the community in the preservation and improvement of the natural environment and local heritage sites.

Increase community participation in biodiversity, sustainability
and heritage grant programs.

Increase participation in Council run environmental events.

Increase awareness of Casey’s heritage.

5.4 Manage waste, water, biodiversity
and energy use to achieve a clean,
efficient and resilient city.

Increase in the annual diversion rates of material collected
through kerbside bins.

Reduce average amount of waste generated per average household.

5.5 Ensure the ongoing protection and enhancement of natural assets including open space, vegetation, waterways and ecological systems.

Increase the diversity and amenity of Council’s open spaces.

Percentage of canopy cover within Council’s managed open space.

5.6 Advocate on behalf of the community to State Government, statutory authorities and other sectors to ensure Casey’s communities are planned with respect to the local habitats, vegetation and landscape values.

Community Satisfaction Survey results for ‘lobbying on behalf of community’.

The number of submissions made by Casey in favour of protecting native vegetation and landscape values.

Level of funding and/or infrastructure delivered that aligns to advocacy campaigns.

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