“I would love to see all major roads have a designated bike path so that both workers and families could use cycling as a preferred option for transport and well as building health outcomes.”

Female, 49-58, Casey Next.

“Poor roads are slowing down housing and infrastructure.”

Female, 39-48, Casey Next.

Council will plan, maintain, deliver within its capacity, and advocate when necessary for a transport system that supports the Casey community. The transport system should provide the Casey community with safe, accessible and efficient transport choices.


Strategic Indicators

7.1 We have effectively secured State/Federal Government funding for the provision of a transport system that meets Casey’s needs

• The level of State / Federal commitments toward transport infrastructure and services that aligns with Council’s advocacy on transport improvements

7.2 We support walking, cycling and public transport modes as a means of reducing emissions and congestion

• Residential estates have access to a shared path and trail network that provides links to the broader Casey area

7.3 We have delivered a safe, accessible, and efficient local road network

• Casualty Accident Rates for Casey Local Roads compared to Melbourne Metropolitan area and similar Interface Council areas

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