“I would love to see all major roads have a designated bike path so that both workers and families could use cycling as a preferred option for transport and well as building health outcomes.”

Female, 49-58, Casey Next.

“Poor roads are slowing down housing and infrastructure.”

Female, 39-48, Casey Next.

Council will plan, maintain, deliver within its capacity, and advocate when necessary for a transport system that supports the Casey community. The transport system should provide the Casey community with safe, accessible and efficient transport choices.


Strategic Indicators

7.1 Advocate to State and Federal Governments and private sector for transport infrastructure and services that support our community and economy.

Level of new funding for transport infrastructure and services aligned to advocacy campaigns.

Community Satisfaction Survey results for ‘lobbying on behalf of the community’.

7.2 Encourage modes of transport that reduce emissions and congestion.

Increased coverage and service levels of public transport across Casey.

Increase efficiency in Council’s fleet greenhouse
gas levels.

Increase in the number of electric car charging points in Casey Council facilities.

Increase in the length of connected walking and
cycling paths.

7.3 Facilitate the provision of a range of infrastructure and services that delivers a safe, accessible and efficient transport system.

Community Satisfaction Survey results for ‘condition of sealed local roads‘ and ‘condition of local streets and footpaths’.

Investment in transport infrastructure delivered through the Capital Works Program.

Fewer accidents per capita.

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