“Open and honest communication and real consultation on what residents want and need in their area.”

Female, 29-38, Casey Next.

“An accountable, visible and transparent Council, as well as democratic.”

49-58, Male, Casey Next.

The City of Casey is already a destination, particularly for sports and leisure, with many high-quality facilities that are loved by residents and visitors to Casey. Council will continue to focus on enhancing and growing these facilities and opportunities, as well as facilitating and supporting events and programs that bring communities together.


Strategic Indicators

8.1 Plan, deliver and manage assets and resources to meet the needs of current and future communities.

The Capital Works Program delivered. 

Monitor the renewal and maintenance expenditure (compared with lifestyle costing).

8.2 Be transparent, responsive and accountable to all community members.

Minimise Council decisions made at meetings closed to the public. 

Increase in Community Satisfaction Survey results for ‘decisions made on behalf of the community’.

Increase in Community Satisfaction Survey results for ‘overall satisfaction’.

Timely review of policies to ensure their relevance to community needs.

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