“I’m hoping for Casey to be
a safe, family oriented place with lots of amazing schools, parks, recreational and fun activities.”

Female, 29-38, Casey Next.

“A place where everyone’s
connected and there is
something for everyone.”

Female, under 18, Casey Next.
All services and facilities that Council provides, funds and coordinates will be safe and inclusive for all Casey community members.


Strategic Indicators

2.1 We connect our residents to services and each other

• Increased utilisation rates of Casey programs in:
• Library
• Maternal and Child Health
• Neighbourhood houses &  centres
• Sporting clubs

2.2 Build neighbourhoods that are safe and foster community connection.                                                                                 

• New Council facilities are designed to improve community safety outcomes

• Existing Council facilities and public spaces are renewed in line with access and inclusion guidelines

2.3 We provide services and programs to our vulnerable residents in a way that is safe, inclusive and accessible • Level of satisfaction felt by participants with the extent to which a safe, inclusive and accessible environment was experienced when accessing services


Related Strategic Plans

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