“A community that encompasses
and recognises the vibrancy of cultures contained, with facilities to support an ageing population.”

Male, 29-38, Casey Next.

“A city where a fair distribution of facilities has occurred, not top heavy in the more affluent areas.”

Female, 49-58, Casey Next.

As the community continues to grow, it is important that Council has a robust understanding of community needs through research and ongoing dialogue. This will ensure that services and facilities are delivered and maintained appropriately and equitably.


Strategic Indicators

3.1 Our community informs decisions and monitors delivery of our services and facilities              

• Community Satisfaction Survey results for community engagement and consultation
• The Community Taskforce is engaged in monitoring the delivery of the Council Plan

3.2 We use data, research and community input to design and improve our services

• Community satisfaction with Council services
• Utilisation rates of Council facilities and services

3.3 We make our decisions regarding service delivery clear and transparent to the community

• Decisions made by Council are clear and transparent to participants in service review consultations

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