“Employment opportunities that decrease commute times with good infrastructure for socialising and working.”

Female, 39-48, Casey Next.

“More jobs across various skills and trades so that people do not have to travel to Melbourne CBD. Maybe have another CBD in Casey.”

Male, 29-38, Casey Next.

Council will facilitate and support job creation, particularly in new and emerging industries, through partnerships and city planning. It is a priority for the Council that the number of local jobs increases to reduce the high number of people who must leave the municipality for work every day.


Strategic Indicators

6.1 We have a thriving and engaged local business community that has opportunities to prosper

• Number of participants involved in business development programs
• Satisfaction of participants of the business development programs

6.2 Our residents have increased opportunities to work locally

• Attraction of international investors to drive new and existing industries
• Number of local jobs
• Number of businesses in Casey
• Membership on Casey Cardinia Jobs Portal


6.3 We have enhanced the employability of the local workforce


• Number of programs delivered that are designed to educate and promote access and inclusion in employment


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